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5 ways to make sure you stay safe on site

28 Jun 5 ways to make sure you stay safe on site

Working on site comes with many dangers that if not addressed can result in serious injury or harm. The most prominent reported injuries in the workplace are; slips trips and falls (23%), lifting and handling (22%), falling from a height (19%) and struck by and object (11%). All of these make up 75% of work related injuries and are all a possibility when working on site. Below we will list the 5 ways of ensuring you and others around you can stay safe, and get home in one piece.

1)     Protect your head and protect your feet
Steel toe capped boots and a yellow hardhat should be the first two things when you think about working on site. They may not be comfortable, and they may not look particularly fashionable, but you can bet your house if something hits your head or your foot and you’re not wearing them, you’ll know about it! It really can be the difference between life and death if something were to strike you on the head. Not wearing these two simple things simply puts your life at risk.

2)     Getting on and off your machinery
Although you may have used your machinery every day for years, you never can be too careful when it comes to getting on and off. Forklift and truck drivers are regularly injured from not taking a few simple steps to ensure safety. Make sure your boot grip is prominent and not clogged with mud, and use the whole of your platform used to get onto the machinery – do not just put a toe or two on there! This ensures your weight is supported sufficiently.

3)     Operating heavy machinery
Again, you may be the most experienced person in your firm in using certain equipment – but it just takes one mistake and you could cause yourself or others serious harm. Ensure your workspace is clear of any clutter and is not crowded with people who don’t need to be there, and wear additional safety equipment where suggested! Gloves, goggles or ear protection may be needed with certain machines, so don’t take any risks, and follow the safety instructions carefully.

4)     Be aware of large vehicles
Working on site often sees large vehicles dropping off the tools or materials needed to complete the job. There should be a clear entrance and exit for these vehicles, so take note of where this is and where the road takes them, as it could be closer to your work station than you think! Also be aware of reversing beepers! Despite their many mirrors, they might have missed you, so make sure you don’t miss them.

5)     Know what to do should things go wrong
OK, accidents happen! Familiarise yourself with who your health and safety officer is, where your first aid equipment is kept, and who to report incidents to. The faster something is reported, the faster it can be dealt with, and the more efficiently processes can be put in place to prevent it happening again. 

Following these 5 points for staying safe on site should ensure you can complete your work safely and professionally. But the main thing is to stay alert to your surroundings, and who you are working with on site. If you have concerns about someone’s attitude to keeping safe, speak to the personnel responsible for health and safety and express these concerns – it could be the difference between life and death for someone!