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03 Jul Energy saving in retail

Shops and stores use a significant amount of energy on a daily basis, from electricity to air conditioning and so much more – in 2016, it was reported that shopping centres consume £40million worth of energy a year and the top 15 alone emit 5.5...

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02 Oct Choosing insulation that’s safe

Following the recent incident at Grenfell Tower, there’s been a lot of talk about insulation and safety in the press and online.  In this blog we’ll look at making informed decisions about your insulation needs and why choosing the right products and hiring qualified professionals...

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02 May Smart Thermostats – what you need to know

Centrally heating a home has never been easier. As domestic systems go, central heating has never been a particularly difficult process, nevertheless, we are always keen for technology to make things even more simple for us. Thanks to app-controlled smart thermostats, it is now possible...

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30 Mar How is energy used in the home?

When it comes to saving energy, the internet is full of ‘quick tips’ and ‘cheats’ that supposedly offer fast ways to reduce your household bills with little, to no, investment. These often involve turning off lights that aren’t being used, switching off appliances, and turning...

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08 Mar Renewable Energy Efficiency

Renewable energy efficiency Experts have declared that fossil fuels will not last forever. Having taken millions of years to become the energy dense materials that we use to power our lives today, it has become evident that time is finally running out, and fast. It’s also...

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08 Feb Keeping older homes warm

Older homes are appealing to a large number of people throughout the UK because of their appearance, their iconic reputation and it’s no secret that they also come with a huge price tag. That being said, owners of old Victorian terraces or cottages tend to...

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