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Choosing insulation that’s safe

02 Oct Choosing insulation that’s safe

Following the recent incident at Grenfell Tower, there’s been a lot of talk about insulation and safety in the press and online.  In this blog we’ll look at making informed decisions about your insulation needs and why choosing the right products and hiring qualified professionals is of utmost importance.


Why Grenfell was unsafe

The problem with Grenfell Tower lay in the use of Celotex insulation, which should only be used with non-combustible cladding, which unfortunately wasn’t the case. This helped to fuel the fire causing incredible damage and destroying the lives of many. This is a clear case of insulation that is unsafe and the damaging impact it can have, thus displaying why choosing insulation products should be taken seriously and should not be driven by cost savings alone.


Choosing safe installers

Firstly, when deciding on what insulation products to purchase, it’s essential that safety is a priority above all else. All insulation products need to be installed correctly by a reliable supplier and we would recommend researching your insulation installer beforehand to ensure that they are safe and reliable.  Often Google or Facebook reviews can help with this, however, it is always advisable to check that they have the right accreditations too. Knowledgeable installers will also be able to advise on individual property requirements and recommend the safest option on a case-by-case basis.


Recommended products

For safety purposes, one product we would recommend would be AeroTherm. This product is an internal wall insulation product which can help you conserve up to 35% less energy in your property and is only 1mm thick, so it isn’t intrusive and doesn’t take up valuable space in your home. This is due to the fact that it can be applied like plastering and once completed, it can be painted over without a loss of space. It is fast becoming a firm favourite with homeowners and installers across Europe, saving money on energy bills and protecting homeowners against potential rises in energy costs.


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