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How can external wall insulation benefit you?

11 May How can external wall insulation benefit you?

As a company that works to help people keep their homes warm, we understand how much external wall insulation (EWI) can benefit you. But if you’re not quite sure how much it will help you yet, let us explain.


Reduce heat lost through your walls
Around 45% of your heating is lost through walls which are not insulated. If you chose to invest in external wall insulation, it can help prevent this and will keep your home warmer for longer by maintaining internal temperatures all year round and keep it cooler in the summer by keeping heat out.


Save money on heating bills
If you lose heat through un-insulated walls, that will mean your heating bills will go up – fast. EWI can help you reduce the amount of money you spending each year heating your home, making it a very good investment in the long run.


Prevent mould or damp
Unfortunately, damp can be common in homes as it occurs once a moisture substance meets a cool surface, mainly the walls of your home. Then it turns into a liquid, resulting in dampness and mould, creating quite an unpleasant environment. EWI can help by raising the temperature of external surfaces, making damp and mould unlikely.


Help your home appearance
EWI can help the overall appearance of the outside of your home, making it look more modern and uplifted. This finished look will make it easier to sell your home in the future too, should you choose to move on.


Minimise noise disturbance
EWI can help minimise noise transfer, meaning that you will be less likely to be disturbed from outside sounds and also less likely to share your favourite music with the neighbours.


Our EWI systems have been tested and used over the last 20 years, proving time and time again how durable and reliable they are. If you would like to speak to a member of staff about external wall insulation, you can call us on: 01656 818881 or email us: