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Which insulation is best for your property?

14 Dec Which insulation is best for your property?

Insulation is very important as it can help preserve energy levels within your home and in turn, can help reduce the cost of your bills significantly. However, it’s important to choose the right insulation products for your property type in order for the insulation to be most effective. That’s why in this blog we’re discussing the best insulation products for your property type to help you make the right decision.

Properties build before 1920
Solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walls. To determine whether you have solid walls, it’s crucial to look at the age of your property. If it was built before 1920, it’s highly likely that it is a solid wall. Therefore, external wall insulation can be used to insulate this property. Around 45% of energy can be lost through un-insulated exterior walls but investing in external wall insulation can be one of the most effective ways of improving energy efficiency. We work with a number of external wall insulation (EWI) systems including Solix, Sto, Rockwool, Parex and Envirowall all of which are suitable for both low rise and high rise buildings.

Newer properties
If your house was built between the 1920s and 2000s, it’s likely that your home will have cavity walls. Therefore, cavity wall insulation could be considered the best type of insulation for your specific needs. Altogether this would involve insulating between the inner and outer walls and isn’t always done to a high standard by many installers. However, if you are unsure whether yours is or not, our team of cavity wall extraction experts can help advise as to whether the product has been poorly or inappropriately installed Evidence of this would include, dampness and condensation within the home.

Loft space
Any property can benefit from loft insulation as more than 25% of your property’s energy can be lost through an un-insulated roof. Investing in loft insulation can help stop the heat that rises from escaping through the roof which in turn, can help reduce your spend on energy and can add value to your property. This can also help transform your loft space into an additional living area.

Insulation is crucial regardless of your property type and there are many different products on the market which could effectively meet your requirements. But it’s important to know which one is right for you and this is where SPMS can help. For more information about our insulation products, you can call us on 01656 818881 or email us at spmswaleslimited@btconnect.com.