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Insulation is for life not just for Christmas

27 Jun Insulation is for life not just for Christmas

The recent soaring temperatures in Britain have probably left you feeling one of two things: ‘This is perfect weather, BBQ tongs at the ready!’, or, how it seems to be with most is, ‘this is horrific I’m red as a ruby and I miss January’. Whichever emotion you personally relate to, it has to be said that we are all thankful for a nice cool home to go back to when the day comes to an end. In this blog, we will take a look at how to maintain a comfortable temperature in a property, and how insulation can help with this no matter what season.


Insulation is traditionally associated with keeping a home warm in the colder weather. However, insulation works by slowing down, or preventing where possible the movement of heat between two spaces.  As such, insulation in the winter, of course, keeps heat that is generated from within, inside the property, but this also applies to heat coming into the property from outside during the summer.  Insulation works both ways, whether the heat is hitting it from inside or outside. Either way, the heat will not transfer to the other side of an insulation material.


Just as during winter you want to keep the heat in, during hotter months you want to keep the heat out. Keeping the property at a low temperature that is comfortable when it is very warm outside means preventing the hot air from outside getting in, which also prevents air conditioning becoming wasted energy. Having an insulation barrier between the inside and the outside of the property will prevent the heat penetrating the walls, which raises the temperature inside, resulting in the air conditioning having to work harder, which in turn costs the property owner more money on electricity.


Using an air conditioner is one of the easiest ways to keep your property a comfortable temperature when summer hits, but this consumes a great deal of energy and can be a costly addition. There are, however, other things that can help you keep your property cool during the hotter times. In particular, air circulation is very important. During hotter times of the year, if you have excellent insulation (as all properties should) the heat that has managed to get inside will not be able to escape. Opening windows and doors during the night when it is cooler outside will allow the heat energy to vacate the property, leaving the temperature inside much more bearable.


Another tip that can keep your home cool if you are really struggling with the higher temperature, is using fans. These can sometimes just circulate warm air around the property, so to avoid this problem, place a bowl of cold water or ice at the base of the fan, then this cold air will be pushed through the property and act as a much cheaper alternative to air conditioning.


At SPMS we are experts in insulation and can help you understand the benefits that can be realised throughout the year. If you would like to speak to one of our team and discuss your insulation options as a homeowner, call us on 01656 818881, or send us an email at