SPMS Wales is one of the first to offer this revolutionary new technology to insulate your homes from inside – and what’s more it will save you up to 35% energy when heating your home. Composed of tiny glass microspheres and aerogel, AeroTherm requires just a 1mm reflective coating that can be applied as an internal insulation similar to plastering, and it leaves the surface smooth and ready for paint or wallpaper. There is nothing else on the market that can insulate a room with such little disruption, as there is no need for any additional walls or materials for this insulation to be installed. With this technology, it is possible to insulate a room with the most value-per-inch when compared to all other insulation alternatives.


AeroTherm contains hollow glass microspheres which absorb and reflect radiant energy back into the room, keeping the temperature of the room more balanced with the thermostat setting. This also ensures the room heats up faster, and cools down slower, creating thermal comfort from the consistent wall-to-wall distribution of heat. AeroTherm also contains aerogel, which was originally developed by NASA to insulate space shuttles but is now becoming more and more popular in insulated homes across Europe. This very effective insulant helps create the warm wall effect of AeroTherm and increases the ability to reflect radiant heat energy back into the room, keeping the room’s temperature higher for longer.


With AeroTherm being so slight, another major positive is that it doesn’t result in the loss of room space after it has been installed. At 1mm thick, it is the thinnest, but most effective way of insulating a room. In addition, any damage that is done to this material is very easily repaired, and impact on the performance is too small to measure. In addition moisture in the air will be attracted to the coldest surface and form condensation. Overtime, this will lead to mould growth which may result in health issues for the tenants. As AeroTherm rapidly balances the surface temperature with the internal room temperature, the opportunity for condensation to form on the AeroTherm surface is drastically reduced.


With all these elements condensed into 1mm of technology and minimal disruption during it’s installation, it is fast becoming the new favourite in insulating a room in homes across Europe, saving money on energy bills and protecting against potential rises in energy costs.

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