At SPMS we are dedicated to sourcing and using the latest products on the market to ensure our clients benefit from the latest developments in the industry. Soltherm is one of our most popular products for external wall insulation – an extremely high quality product that was designed with British weather specifically in mind. The HD weather system that is one of our top products used to combat damp and rainy weather conditions that are ever present in Britain. These systems have been put through meticulous tests throughout Europe, and these tests ensure a high quality, easy to install and extremely effective product.


HD weather has a specially formulated premium silicone plaster. It is the first wash-off resistant, hydrophobic external wall insulation system on the market. Due to its unique properties it can be applied on damp and cold days during winter months when most building work has to stop. It is extremely waterproof, and has virtually no water penetration and the technology in the product reacts with very little water that does penetrate the surface and ensures it dries quickly, and naturally. Once installed, the HD weather coating dries very quickly due to a chemical bonding process, not by evaporation methods that older acrylic based methods use.


Soltherm HD weather is the most advanced external wall insulation system throughout Europe, and this is down to the rigorous testing and development it has gone through over 25 years.


  • It is extremely durable, and can withstand high levels of blunt force such as being struck with a heavy object multiple times, whereas more traditional plastered finishes will break away with similar forces applied to them.
  • Very high vapour permeability. This means that per unit area in a specified time period, very little vapour can pass through it and allows it to breathe, meaning far less mould issues.
  • UV resistance – UV rays that pass through external insulation alternatives change the colour shade over time. Soltherm HD weather uses inorganic pigments, which are extremely UV resistant.
  • Self cleaning – the top coat contains silicone resin which also has a hydrophobic film, which means any water droplets in wet weather conditions simply run off, taking all dirt with it, preventing the dirt penetrating into the insulation system.

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