At SPMS we use a range of systems to insulate the properties we work on and Rockwool is one of them. The well-known brand is the world’s second largest insulation producer, manufacturing and supplying a full range of sustainable insulation systems and solutions for the entire building envelope. Rockwool insulation solutions protect people from the cold, the heat, the risk of fire and ambient noise – whether it is from outdoors or adjacent rooms.


Rockwool provides a range of rock mineral and wool slabs that are available in a variety of thicknesses and densities. They come with a number of benefits and are used for heat and sound insulation, and are particularly popular for their fire resistant properties.


This material is easy and quick to cut accurately to fit the shape of the required structure, which reduces the installation time significantly. This also reduces the amount of gaps and cracks that there sometimes can be with alternative methods of insulation – so more heat is kept in and less can escape, meaning more energy is saved.


Rockwool also has a unique property whereby each slab is able to ‘knit’ together. Essentially all individual slabs installed mesh together and perform as one insulation unit, meaning there is absolutely no room for heat to leave the building.


Due to its genetic make-up, Rockwool also does not slump, sag, or lose it’s shape like other alternative insulation options. When installed it will maintain its properties throughout the life of the building, and even when exposed to water it will keep its shape, dry out and not compromise on its performance. In addition, this insulation option actually repels water so any moisture that gets onto it simply drains away. It also allows moisture to pass through it and escape, and due to it containing no nutrients it is completely resistant to mould, rot and mildew.


These insulation slabs can withstand more than 1000°C without compromising on its material performance. With their inbuilt cohesiveness, these slabs are able to bind together in very high temperatures and maintain their solidity, protecting whatever structure is underneath. It has received the highest Euroclass A1 fire rating, and is the only insulation material to receive the UK Structural Timber Association’s highest fire resistance classification of F1.

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