SPMS are certified installers of the METSEC Steel Framing Systems (SFS). SFS can be used in most sections of construction for a number of building solutions. They may be used in corrosive environments such as swimming pool buildings and they have a design life of 250 years, making them very sustainable. SFS components can be supplied in final measure required lengths or can be supplied in standard length ready to be cut to size. SFS is a high quality product and a cost effective system.


SFS High Bay Walls
This system can be used to provide high separating walls usually found in factory units or atriums. SFS is lightweight and can separate walls by up to 20m. It offers up to three hours fire protection and due to the lightweight construction, there is no need to add foundations under the wall. These walls can also be created to meet specific acoustic and fire regulation requirements depending on the needs of the designer.


SFS Load Bearing Structures
This can be used to create lightweight structures up to three storeys. This particular structure would be ideal for those which require minimum loads such a penthouses and inset structures. Usually constructed on site, this structure offers maximum flexibility for structures to meet individual site requirements. Compared to pre-panelised solutions, this system benefits from reduced crane and transport costs due to the way it is constructed.


SFS Infill Walling
This is the most common use for SFS systems and is considered to be similar to High Bay Wall systems with the main difference being that it is used for external walls. This is considered to be the most economical framing method as it is constructed from floor to soffit of the primary structural frame to ‘infill’ the external wall zone. This system can be installed from the inside of the building.


SFS Continuous Walling
Typically constructed from the outside of the building, continuous walling is designed where it ‘oversails’ the edge of the primary structure. This method tends to be used when designers want to create maximum internal floor space or if they are using a cladding which cannot accommodate horizontal deflection joints at each floor level.

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