At SPMS we use a number of renders to complete the projects we work on including the award-winning STO system. It has been tested in every climate around the world and has been proven as extremely effective in every one. Through consistent research and development of this product, the highest possible performance standards are met. This is suitable for use on new builds or renovation projects, where moisture penetration has already been taken care of. STO external insulation is thin, durable and has a number of benefits.


The binders in STO are highly flexible and as a result have very high crack resistance. More traditional cement-based renders are very rigid and therefore can crumble under intense pressure. The flexibility of this technology means surface cracks are a rarity, allowing it to maintain its high performance, and therefore it has a longer shelf-life than alternatives.


The STO system has a long history of being exposed to the elements and is also very weather resistant. In line with its durability, it is also able to repel any water it comes in contact with, so in any weather condition STO external insulation will maintain its performance and insulation qualities. In addition, due to the water simply running off this product, the water takes the dirt along with it, meaning it is self cleaning and very little maintenance is required. This of course helps to prevent dampness, which in turn prevents the growth of mould and fungus. There are of course treatments should this happen, but they are often harmful to the environment or temporary. Prevention is better than cure, and this product prevents this issue entirely.


In terms of its application, it is possible to be installed to a large number of surfaces effectively. In addition once installation has been completed there are a number of high quality finishes to ensure that the property has superb performance and visual qualities. These finishes come in a huge number of colours for the build, but is also available with a range of different textures to choose from.

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