One third of all heat lost in UK homes is a result of un-insulated walls and with numerous ECO funding initiatives there has been a lot of renewed interest in insulation in general. More recently, there has been a particular interest and focus on internal insulation as new developments in technology with products such as AeroTherm making it a more cost effective and preferable solution for some.


AeroTherm uses just a 1mm reflective coating that can be applied as an internal insulation similar to plastering, and it leaves the surface smooth and ready for paint or wallpaper, and has the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. There is nothing else on the market that can insulate a room with such little disruption, as there is no need for any additional walls or materials for this insulation to be installed.


Internal insulation has become an alternative method to insulating a home in order to save money on energy bills. It does the same job as external wall insulation by reducing bills and keeping heat in the home, but can cost half as much to do. For those who are concerned with changing the external appearance of their property or disruption with external works internal wall insulation is a great option.


However, when considering your insulation requirements please do consult an expert as you may need to consider whether your property needs extra protection externally from the elements, more sound proofing if you live by a flight path or busy road or protection from damp – as such external wall insulation may be the right option for you.

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