The advantages of installing external wall insulation (EWI) on a home are numerous and wide-ranging. EWI insulates the walls, which helps to reduce heat loss in cold weather and heat gain in warm weather and can help home owners make savings of between 20-35 per cent on energy bills.  When done well, EWI is extremely effective, however when done badly, effectiveness is minimal and the knock on effect from heat loss could be almost as damaging as not having EWI at all.


When EWI goes wrong…

When installers don’t follow correct application procedures for EWI some worrying issues can occur such as top-coat or insulation coming away and condensation and damp walls become a growing problem, not to mention the knock on effect of heat loss and rising energy bills. Where systems have been used which do not have anti algae and anti fungal properties the exterior façade of the building can deteriorate and look dirty where the growth of fungi is prevalent.


Repairs and cleaning systems…

In these instances we can repair EWI instead of fully replacing systems – this can help to keep costs down and minimise time and disruption on site.


SPMS uses a range of EWI systems such as Soltherm HD Weather, which has been specifically designed for UK weather and can help prevent issues in the future.  We also have a solution that will clean the algae and fungi before the building can be redecorated using a weather-resistant top- coat to prevent re-growth.


Working with our partner Soltherm EWI Wales, the only European Standards accredited firm in Europe to carry out external wall insulation repairs on both residential and commercial properties, we provide a vast range of external wall insulation systems to ensure our customers get the most cost effective solutions to meet individual budgets and requirements.


The wide range of EWI systems available means that there will be an appropriate solution for all homes regardless of the type and location of the property, aesthetic preference or budget.

Don’t want your home to look like this? Then choose the correct system…

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