Around 45% of energy can be lost through un-insulated exterior walls.  Investing in external wall insulation (EWI) is one of the most effective ways of improving energy efficiency and can significantly help reduce energy loss and lower fuel bills.  This is done my wrapping the building in a thermally resistant envelope which in turn helps maximise internal space and helps maintain internal temperatures all year around.


The systems that we use are especially designed to withstand the UK weather and are very hard wearing, provide protection against algae and are maintenance free.  We work with a number of external wall insulation (EWI) systems including Solix, Sto, Rockwool, Parex and Envirowall all of which are suitable for both low rise and high rise buildings.


These external wall insulation (EWI) systems have been rigorously tested and used throughout Europe for over 20 years, ensuring that they are truly tried and tested. The insulation systems not only provide a decorative uplift to old buildings, but also greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the building thus helping to cut CO2 emissions and reduce energy costs.

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