When we were first briefed on the Menai Shopping Centre project we could see that a lot of damage had been done to the property and it required repair works to the exterior envelope of the property. External wall insulation that had been fitted eight years ago had deteriorated due to bad design and poor insulation. As such, the client was left with the option of completely replacing the whole exterior or finding an effective method of repairing the existing insulation with assurances that this would be effective.


We very quickly identified that the profile cappings to the wall parapet where not properly sealed and had far too small an overhang to allow water to flow away from the wall. Moisture ingress had occurred into large areas of the external wall insulation leading to delamination of the renders and insulation. This in turn had impaired the insulation capabilities and damp was showing on the internal walls.


There had been large algae growth to the exterior walls due to the moisture and the lack of anti algae elements in the render system topcoat. This had caused large areas of green algae, which is very prevalent in the Bangor area.


The project we carried out was to remove and replace all damaged EWI with new mineral wool insulation and the Soltherm HD Weather render system. The properties of this system with its anti-algae and anti-fungal additives that are environmentally friendly means it will remain looking good. Added to this the natural colour pigments in the topcoat of the HD Weather system means the colour will remain futureproofed.


Other areas of the building where only algae growth had taken place but the insulation and renders where in good condition received a wash using the Soltherm Glo cleaning solution which removes all dirt, algae and fungal growth. A primer was then applied and all areas coated with the HD Weather top coat giving the same anti-algae and anti-fungal properties and keeping the whole building uniformed and looking good into the future.


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